The Challenges of L&D

The Learning chapter of APPNZ held it’s first People Download last week to discuss what challenges are happening in the world of L&D, what would make NZ competitive from an L&D space and what would help the profession in New Zealand. We also looked at the proposed Learning Professional Development programme.

There were some heated discussions, with great ideas shared, interesting issues raised and the start of a new L&D community being built! The groups we split into came up with the following:

What L&D challenges to you have?

  • Senior exec/leadership buy in
  • Lack of accountability
  • Mode of delivery – online/individualised & group/classroom
  • Visibility
  • Absence of clear L&D framework and understanding of the profession
  • Lack of formal qualification and education
  • Perception of L&D as a strategic partner
  • Time and busyness
  • Survival vs. long term play – short term focus
  • Waiting for a course or a quick fix
  • Digital transitions
  • Budget restraints
  • Measuring ‘learner satisfaction’ instead of ROI
  • Ad hoc analysis of real company requirements
  • Onboarding clients
  • Only training people part of the way, then wondering why they fail
  • Knowing what technology is out there


What would make New Zealand competitive/better from an L&D perspective?

  • Education/Formal qualifications for the profession
  • Clear understanding of the profession (clear L&D framework) incl. candidate testing and framework that help professionals improve
  • Organisational support and mentoring
  • Pace of organisations means that organisations are less open to learning (clear framework would help with this)
  • Organisations need to be pro learning e.g. workplace design
  • NZ needs to offer services on the world stage, currently there are not many organisations that offer this
  • We need change mindset about feedback
  • Profession needs to be seen as credible strategic partner e.g. include senior L&D rep in the organisations
  • No clear platform currently, lack of awards and recognition


What would help the L&D profession in NZ?

  • Clear definition of L&D roles and understanding of L&D profession
  • A set of standard training programmes e.g. further education, pathways, L&D framework
  • Greater visibility (industry to be more attractive and visible)
  • Accountability for training programmes
  • Better system implementation and usage
  • Training being valued
  • Clarity of different avenues of learning to attract the right people
  • Clarity around skills of good L&D professionals – accreditation
  • Avenue to learn skills and develop as an L&D professional
  • Networking with peers – good quality that provide learning opportunities
  • Branding
  • Proper use of technology and tools


If you’d like to get involved, then you can get information about applying to be a Professional Associate Learning by clicking here.

The new People Download will be on Monday 6 March to discuss and share ideas around learning technology. For more information click here.


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